December 17, 2007

monday blues...

i went to "bonuslink 7 swipes to 7 wonders" and play match it. who knows i'll win more points. so who has bonuslink card, click here, register and play.

have fun!!! (that shows how bored i am right now!!...)

November 26, 2007

my graduation day 2007

event: uitm's 67th convocation (persidangan ke-25)

date: Nov 25, 2007

time: 8am - 1130am

venue: dewan seri budiman, uitm shah alam

note: finally... after 5 years of studying, i went on stage and graduate.... what a joy!!!

November 13, 2007

almost.... but syukur....

me and my forgetful mind, i almost burned the house yesterday but syukur sgt2.. my brother was at home to rescue. up to this morning, the house still smells like burning substance.

this was what happened yesterday. before going off to work, i decided to heat up the asam pedas i cooked a day before yesterday. i totally forgot to turn it off and left for work at 8am. i had breakfast with hubby and it still doesnt come to my mind. as i was reaching my office almost 9am, my memory triggered back to what i've done early morning. i reached my mobile while driving, called my brother, who was luckily at home still sleeping and asked him to rushed to the kitchen. he said that the whole house was filled with smoke when he went out from his room. the pot was burned but luckily it didnt explode. gosh!! being such a careless, i felt soooo guilty that i couldnt sleep well last night, kept thinking what if ..... ok i dont want to think about it.

as i reached home from work yesterday, i went straight to kitchen, saw the burning pot and said to myself this... "i'm not going to cook for a year!!!" boleh??!!!

whatever it is... i am sooooo grateful.

November 7, 2007

angiogram on my FIL

last friday i was on medical leave, down with high fever. not only that.. i was awaked with an early call from my MIL, requesting hubby to bring my FIL to hospital due to breathing problem. he was rushed to emergency room at university medical center for check-up and was admitted later for further monitoring. he's a diabetic and was detected with blood vessels blockage, which caused of heart problem.

on 6 nov, he went for angiogram - a procedure/surgery to improve blood flow to the heart by reconnecting the blood vessels supplying the heart by inserting a balloon-tipped tube through an artery in the arm. 3 cardiologists attended him on this procedure to help widen the narrowed artery by inflating the small balloon. alhamdulillah, the procedure went smooth, although it tooks almost 4 hours to finish. it was the same procedure done on my dad at IJN few months back, with only 1 blockage.

now, he is back home resting. get well soon baba!

October 31, 2007

hubby's surprise birthday dinner.. featuring noryn aziz.

after all presents were given to hubby at home, we went for a dinner in pj. it was actually a surprise dinner for him, where i requested my sister tini to invite noryn aziz - the jazz singer - who is also tini's good friend since school, to join us for the dinner. although we have met noryn few times but i know hubby would be teruja (i like this word) with special appearance of her.

it was a long great and fun night for all of us which ended with karaoke at 3am. i cant believe i could actually stayed up till that hour. occasion yang penting kena la tahan kan.. this morning, i had a tough time waking up for work and my kids didnt go to school. satu hari je ok kids!! first thing when i reached office was making myself a nice hot black coffee to keep me awake till 5pm.

it's 5 now and i'm heading home .... enjoy the photos...

October 30, 2007

hari usahawan at sks9...

hubby and i went to adam & adli's school, where the school held hari usahawan (entrepreneur day) last saturday (oct 27). there were lots of activities which mainly for the school children to enjoy and the parents to watch and shop a lil'. they went on pony ride, haunted house, paint ball, shoot the duck game and pizza eating contest.

later in the afternoon, we went for lunch and shopping at subang parade. bought for kids and hubby for his birthday - which is today. happy birthday darling!

October 24, 2007

aidilfitri 2007...

i had a wonderful aidilfitri with my family, feeling very green this year.

my dad looks much happier, celebrating raya with his new companion, his children and grandchildren. my brothers and sister were all gathered at home on the 1st night of raya, except for my youngest brother, who has gone out with his friends.

on the 3rd raya, my dad went up north for few days, visiting his siblings and relatives. he gained some weight when he came back. while i spent my raya holidays with hubby and the kids. we went places, from visiting relatives to shopping malls and theme park...

on the 4th raya, my niece, adib jasmine met an accident while in the car with her grandparents (my sis PIL). syukur it was a very minor one and they are fine. adib had scratches on her nose and now recovering very fast.

i'm still in hari raya mood... there are rooms for food in my tummy.. so looking forward for raya open house... :D enjoy!!

October 11, 2007

salam aidilfitri...

while most muslims must have either on Raya holiday or gone back to their hometown, i will still be going to office till this friday. my boss is currently away, no one in the office to replace me so i have to come to work, handling paperworks and communicating with overseas clients for everyday issues plus leaving a list of notes for my boss to assist me while i'll be on holiday next week for the whole week. yes.. one whole week but i bet i'll be receiving calls from my office. sigh!

raya holidays for school starts today, so my sons are at home with their atuk mad and uwan. adam called telling me that atuk mad and uwan just got back from mydin, with loads of things, which i bet must be cooking items. i felt guilty, unable to be at home helping them but what to do... since i have to work till friday, i managed to do some house cleaning after work, partially for the past one week, so by tomorrow the house should be spick and span.. i hope. my kids are very helpful. i know i can count on them. so adam and adli... please help mama mop up the staircase ok.. thank you dear... (mama will treat you with ice-cream.. agreed??!!)

this year, i'll be celebrating raya in shah alam. nothing is planned on how i'll be spending my holiday though but i'm sure it's gonna be a good one...

To everyone, i wish...

October 10, 2007

another malaysian history...

last night saw the first malaysian angkasawan, dr sheikh muszaphar shukor, experiencing the ride of his life, orbiting into the space. as the tv was showing the soyuz tma-11 blasting off from the launching area in baikonur, kazakhstan, i was clapping like a kid. of course, the whole nation is proud of him, being the first malaysian to go into the space.

More on our angkasawan.. here and here

dr sheikh muszaphar

lifting off into the space

September 20, 2007

car breakdown... again...

twice my car's temp meter went straight up to the end, which makes me panic, fear and stress. panic because the car may burst with smoke while driving especially when there's traffic. fear because i'm driving alone and people may take advantage when they see a woman with car breakdown. stress because fear that it will happen again, and my eyes keep looking at the temp meter while driving.

the 1st time, was last tuesday where i was on my way to my office. luckily i was almost reaching my office area so i stopped awhile, called my brother for his advise. i drove less than 20km with hazard light on and managed to park in front of office. by afternoon, the temp has gone back to normal so i'm relieved but i urged the mechanic to come, however my brother came instead. well, this mechanic is actually his friend so most probably his friend must have asked my brother to see whats the problem with the car. fine! my brother tested driving the car around and found nothing wrong with the temp. so he said must be the meter giving problem as the radiator fan works as normal. ok! so yesterday, seems to be no problem with the meter.

2nd time was this morning, again i was on my office to office, as i reached the new flyover going to LDP through the FTZ route, the temp went up. i stopped, hazard light on, engine off and called the mechanic. followed his instruction but still the meter temp was high. i got frusted coz the mechanic insisted it was the meter problem. feeling unsatisfied, i called the LDP patrol. they cant help as it was out of LDP route but they told me most probably there's leaking with the radiator. well, i get more frustrated. i'm surprised that no one stopped to assist, which i felt relieved as well. everyone must be rushing for work. i waited for half hour, then started the engine. i was really relieved that the temp meter went back to normal. i drove slowly and alhamdulillah i reached office safe and sound.

my biggest fear now is will it happen again on my way home after work. i pray it will not.

September 14, 2007

1st day of ramadan

sir, may i leave the office at 4pm during the ramadan month?


thank you sir..

sir, may i take one week leave for raya?

sure.. i'll be in the office. only that u need to assist me on the preparation of certain documents before you leave..

ok... i will prepare and pass it to you later. thank you sir..

see... 1 month before raya lagi i dah tanya my boss.. boleh??!!! well, there's a reason. there's only 3 of us in the office and i'm the only lady there. (oh what a privilege..) if i dont ask earlier, and he has made plans beforehand, then i wont be able to go holiday.

1st day of ramadan was great. hubby was off day so we went from sect 10 to sect 8 to sect 6 for jalan-jalan cari makan. what extremely surprised was we were charged a bomb for some lauk.. cekik darah giler org2 jual juadah lauk ni. tension tul. nasib baik la puasa. kalau tak sure dah meletup mak kat situ jugak. ok takpe. ni kira sedekah la ye..

hari ni i'll be checking out few gerai lagi. nak masak tak sempat... hehe.. (ke malas??!!!)

September 12, 2007

a day before ramadan..

since tomorrow starts the ramadan, i decided to have breakfast with hubby for the last round at his usual place in subang jaya, opposite carrefour. surprisingly, table were all taken. ni sure kes last kopek before puasa starts (look who's talking..)

after work, we went to sunway to get few things then met my sister and her hubby at sempoii for dinner. besok pagi nak sahur kan, so malam ni kita makan banyak sikit. siap la order segalanya from tomyam, kerabu mangga to steam fish and 2 big mug of blended ice lemon tea. ni kira makan tak ingat orang lain dah.

i manage to sleep early at 10pm..(is that considered early??)

selamat menyambut ramadan dan selamat berpuasa...

September 10, 2007

lilo... u'll be missed

lilo (adam's pet) drowned and died early this morning. it was unfortunate morning for lilo when she managed to escape and drowned. how'd this happen?

i wish i knew how ...
it came out of the cage;
get on to the floor from top of the table;
and went into a jar of water.

lilo, we will miss ...
watching u running up and down the cage;
watching u exercising on the wheel;
watching u biting the cage metal;
watching u playing with ur babies;
and everything about u...

August 30, 2007

malaysia ku...

negara ku...

Tanah tumpahnya darahku
Rakyat hidup
Bersatu dan maju
Rahmat bahagia
Tuhan kurniakan
Raja Kita
Selamat bertakhta

august 31, 2007
MALAYSIA's 50th independence's day
"happy 50th birthday MALAYSIA"

lets celebrate together and pray for Malaysia will continue be an independent country, peaceful and harmony till the end of the world...

i'm proud to be Malaysian...

happy MERDEKA everyone...


August 20, 2007

who wants hamsters...

we bought a pair of "winter white" hamsters (also known as "siberian hamsters") for adam and adli in march this year and was named lilo (the female) and rico (the male). since then, lilo has given birth 3 times. 1st time all the babies died, probably she wasnt ready for babies.. (pandai2 je). 2nd time, about two months ago, she gave birth to 5 cuties. i cant tell the sexes yet. 3rd time, just last weekend, she gave birth to another 5 littles. see how productive she was.

anyway, i cant handle all so i need to let go of the babies. hubby says no but i say.. "allooo, who's gonna take care of the little babies plus the cleaning and the feeding??!!! makkk jugakkk!"

so HAMSTERS FOR SALE!!!.. UP FOR GRAB AT A VERY.. VERY.. CHEAP PRICE.. than the market price... anyone interested??!!! let me know.. orait!

see how adorable they are!!

August 16, 2007

journey up north

thursday, aug 09
we left shah alam at 8am and reached perlis around 4pm. after akad nikah, we spent a night at this homestay - recommended by paksu. quite a nice place to stay - a single storey terrace house, 3-bedroom with air-cond, fully furnished with astro too. not bad eh.

friday, aug 10
perlis is such a small town. pergi la ikut mana pun, balik pusing kat situ gak. kira tak boleh sesat la. the only shopping mall i could see is The Store, so we went there for a quick shopping. then we went back to paksu's house for lunch. tini came with her hubby on airasia. they took a cab from alor star to perlis. ilyas came late afternoon with his friend. a small kenduri was held after asar for my dad, so we stayed till about 7pm. then we make our way to alor star, leaving my dad and aunt jam in perlis. we stayed in holiday villa, alor star. tini had to catch early flight back to kl.

saturday, aug 11
at 6am, tini left the hotel. after breakfast, we checked out. before leaving alor star, we walked around the city, bought few necessary items before heading to penang. after checking in at the northam, we went to gurney plaza for lunch and shopped a little. adam started to develop a fever due to tonsilitis. before dinner, adam slept for few hours in the room. i went for a 50-mins balinese massage at level 9. after freshen up, we had a japanese buffet dinner at the coffee house. the food was very limited and nothing to wow about. after dinner, we went up to the room since adam was seen weak to walk around. hubby went for a round of massage.

sunday, aug 12
after breakfast, we rested in the room while adam slept after taken medicine. we checked out at noon, took ferry to mainland, straight back to shah alam. we stopped at mmm... (i forgot the name of that r&r) for lunch and reached shah alam at 6pm.

what a journey!

August 14, 2007

August 09, 2007

alhamdulillah... the akad nikah (solemnisation of marriage) took place on aug 09 at my uncle's place - pak su - in perlis, after isyak, witnessed by close family members. originally, it was supposed to be held on aug 10, however, due to urgent matters, where all tok imam in perlis had to attend a seminar in medan, indonesia starting aug 10 for 3 days, the akad nikah had to be done one day earlier. so those yang nak nikah on aug 10 tu kena la tunggu 3 hari sampai tok imam balik ye.

who got married??... my beloved father

the akad nikah

after sarung cincin and batal air sembahyang

ever since arwah my mum passed away 6 years ago, my dad forded his life alone, without us knowing the joy and pain he had gone through. what i know is that it must have been hard waking up without our love one at your side or attending occassions alone while everyone with their spouses. although being an ex-army officer, with self-command and self-controlled inside him, indeed he has a desire to be loved again, wanting to share his life with someone. he kept telling us that his friends have been persuading him to get marry but his answers to them will always be the same. "i want someone who looks like my late wife". of course, no one could ever take our mum's place but life must goes on. most important of all is that my dad is happy, i'm happy.

semoga berkekalan to ayah and aunt jam...

July 24, 2007


Around 5.45pm yesterday, my car breakdown just as I was about to reach the Shah Alam's route. First, I saw the engine light indicator was on, then followed by the oil and battery indicator. Luckily I was on the left lane, so I switched on the hazard light and slowly moved to the emergency lane and turned off the engine. I wasnt panic but worried that some cars will miss and bang my car from behind. Called my dad, my brother and my hubby asking to be rescued.

While waiting for my dad, my mind was trying to decide whether to stay in the car or to stand beside the car. Lets do both. 3 mins I was in the car, 3 mins later I was standing beside the car. That went on and on, not sure how long I was doing that, probably 30 minutes till my dad arrived with my brother. I told them what happened, then my brother called his mechanic friend. Tow truck came, straight to a workshop in Batu 3, Shah Alam.

My brother took care of the car while I went to fetch my kids at school with a help from my dad. 30 mins later my brother called, telling me the sensor was spoilt. What or which sensor I dont know but I assumed engine sensor la kot coz it's related with engine. Make sense eh??!! Ok, the car can only be repaired the next day, so how am I going to work tomorrow??!!!

Called hubby, discussed, called my sister, discussed. Conclusion... my sister was really kind to let me use her car, meaning after sending Adam to school, I have to fetch her at Kelana Jaya, send her to Sunway, then back to Kelana Jaya - that's where my office is. See.. how wonderful my morning driving routing was. Keluar kereta je, lutut dah lembik. Mana tak.. traffic from Batu 3 up to Western Digital tu... Stress stress...

Ok.. my car is ready. My brother will help to fetch the kids from school while I will be heading Sunway after work to fetch my sister before heading Shah Alam.

Berhati-hati di jalan raya, memandu dengan selamat dan berdoa agar jangan ada kerosakan kereta lagi. Selamat memandu!!!!

July 17, 2007

my dad's friend....

few days ago, my dad told me that he wanted to cook spaghetty on sunday for lunch and would like all his children to come - it's like a weekend family gathering. of course, the word spaghetty is so irresistible. however, 2 of my brothers could not come.

so last sunday, my dad told me that a friend will be joining us. i asked him who? he answered ada la kawan. aha! around 1-ish, a lady came and was warmly greeted by my dad.

in fact, i started to notice differences with my dad when:

  • he, almost every weekend is not at home.
  • he, occasionally go out for probably teh tarik after dinner.
  • he, has been busy receiving and smsing almost every hour. (ok.. he did showed me one or two on his mobile. i was like really!!!???)

back to last sunday, right after lunch, my sister who is a straight-to-the-point kind of person began her interview with the lady, whom we called aunt jam (pronounce as jem). she seems nice, friendly and sincere. she told us her background (53 yrs, divorce, working etc), and how she met my dad. at the end of conversation, my dad told us errrr... mmmm... hmmm... (he said it's a secret)

will be revealed at a later date!!

July 16, 2007


Hubby's grandmother in Singapore passed away at age of 96, on the morning of 14 July 2007.

Semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat ke atas rohnya.

~ Al-Fatihah ~

July 11, 2007

However ...

It took me more than a month to start blogging again. Right after I announced to my office that I finally got my final result and finally completed my study, I was handed a new-added responsibilities, which also mean revising my package.

Isn't that wonderful!!!

June 6, 2007

New ...

look ...

page ...

link ...

May 29, 2007

New babies...

Yup... I got new babies 2 months ago. Lilo is named by Adam (obviously from Lilo & Stitch) while Adli's is called Rico (ok this one, I can't recall).

Rico (on the wheel) & Lilo