August 30, 2007

malaysia ku...

negara ku...

Tanah tumpahnya darahku
Rakyat hidup
Bersatu dan maju
Rahmat bahagia
Tuhan kurniakan
Raja Kita
Selamat bertakhta

august 31, 2007
MALAYSIA's 50th independence's day
"happy 50th birthday MALAYSIA"

lets celebrate together and pray for Malaysia will continue be an independent country, peaceful and harmony till the end of the world...

i'm proud to be Malaysian...

happy MERDEKA everyone...


August 20, 2007

who wants hamsters...

we bought a pair of "winter white" hamsters (also known as "siberian hamsters") for adam and adli in march this year and was named lilo (the female) and rico (the male). since then, lilo has given birth 3 times. 1st time all the babies died, probably she wasnt ready for babies.. (pandai2 je). 2nd time, about two months ago, she gave birth to 5 cuties. i cant tell the sexes yet. 3rd time, just last weekend, she gave birth to another 5 littles. see how productive she was.

anyway, i cant handle all so i need to let go of the babies. hubby says no but i say.. "allooo, who's gonna take care of the little babies plus the cleaning and the feeding??!!! makkk jugakkk!"

so HAMSTERS FOR SALE!!!.. UP FOR GRAB AT A VERY.. VERY.. CHEAP PRICE.. than the market price... anyone interested??!!! let me know.. orait!

see how adorable they are!!

August 16, 2007

journey up north

thursday, aug 09
we left shah alam at 8am and reached perlis around 4pm. after akad nikah, we spent a night at this homestay - recommended by paksu. quite a nice place to stay - a single storey terrace house, 3-bedroom with air-cond, fully furnished with astro too. not bad eh.

friday, aug 10
perlis is such a small town. pergi la ikut mana pun, balik pusing kat situ gak. kira tak boleh sesat la. the only shopping mall i could see is The Store, so we went there for a quick shopping. then we went back to paksu's house for lunch. tini came with her hubby on airasia. they took a cab from alor star to perlis. ilyas came late afternoon with his friend. a small kenduri was held after asar for my dad, so we stayed till about 7pm. then we make our way to alor star, leaving my dad and aunt jam in perlis. we stayed in holiday villa, alor star. tini had to catch early flight back to kl.

saturday, aug 11
at 6am, tini left the hotel. after breakfast, we checked out. before leaving alor star, we walked around the city, bought few necessary items before heading to penang. after checking in at the northam, we went to gurney plaza for lunch and shopped a little. adam started to develop a fever due to tonsilitis. before dinner, adam slept for few hours in the room. i went for a 50-mins balinese massage at level 9. after freshen up, we had a japanese buffet dinner at the coffee house. the food was very limited and nothing to wow about. after dinner, we went up to the room since adam was seen weak to walk around. hubby went for a round of massage.

sunday, aug 12
after breakfast, we rested in the room while adam slept after taken medicine. we checked out at noon, took ferry to mainland, straight back to shah alam. we stopped at mmm... (i forgot the name of that r&r) for lunch and reached shah alam at 6pm.

what a journey!

August 14, 2007

August 09, 2007

alhamdulillah... the akad nikah (solemnisation of marriage) took place on aug 09 at my uncle's place - pak su - in perlis, after isyak, witnessed by close family members. originally, it was supposed to be held on aug 10, however, due to urgent matters, where all tok imam in perlis had to attend a seminar in medan, indonesia starting aug 10 for 3 days, the akad nikah had to be done one day earlier. so those yang nak nikah on aug 10 tu kena la tunggu 3 hari sampai tok imam balik ye.

who got married??... my beloved father

the akad nikah

after sarung cincin and batal air sembahyang

ever since arwah my mum passed away 6 years ago, my dad forded his life alone, without us knowing the joy and pain he had gone through. what i know is that it must have been hard waking up without our love one at your side or attending occassions alone while everyone with their spouses. although being an ex-army officer, with self-command and self-controlled inside him, indeed he has a desire to be loved again, wanting to share his life with someone. he kept telling us that his friends have been persuading him to get marry but his answers to them will always be the same. "i want someone who looks like my late wife". of course, no one could ever take our mum's place but life must goes on. most important of all is that my dad is happy, i'm happy.

semoga berkekalan to ayah and aunt jam...