August 19, 2010

alahai kebaya...

when i was young, arwah my mum always bring my sister and i to her favourite tailor in klang whenever aidilfitri comes. ever since, i continue my mom’s "legacy" by visiting this tailoress until couple of years back.

most of the years, i tailor-made my baju kurung or kebaya kurung. then i remembered that i have one kebaya nyonya material, which my good friend gave me. it was kept so long i almost forgot all about it. i thought why not bergaya with kebaya nyonya for raya that year. i was so excited the day i went to collect it. i tried it on in the fitting room and it was… hmmmm i dont like it. it doesnt fit nicely on me. it supposed to be a figure-hugging but no.. i look big. even the front, where we wears it with brooches was sewn with buttons… (which i have to hide/fold the buttons inside so i could wear the brooches). i was dissappointed and there was no time to do alteration, i went home unhappy.

i tried it on again for hubby to look at it and he said i dont look so bad. u know men… sometimes their kata perangsang can make us have second thought.. so i decided to just wearing it. well, it was the first and last i wore it. the kebaya is still hanging in my closet. i dont know if i will wear it again or never and dont know how long i’m going to keep it hanging there… or maybe i’ll wait my conscience to wisely says… ina, just get it altered ok… jgn banyak songeh..

just few days before fasting, there was a kenduri sambut ramadan. i stared my closet, looking for something to wear and saw this kebaya. i took it out from the plastic cover, tried it on and guess what.. i still look big.. (ke pasal i still have baby fats from my recent pregnancy.. hehehe). so i decided to wait my conscience is clear before i can bring it for alteration.

last year i bought a jubah (or is it as it looks like it with batik’s pattern) coz i was pregnant. this year, i’m just going to buy a matching color ready-made baju kurung for my lil princess and myself. of course we have to search for hers first before i can buy for myself, that includes the father and the abangs too. susah nak cari si kenit ni punya coz mostly baju kurung for kids ni besar2 la… (ke si kenit ni petite) but there is one i saw at sp. very cute and nice.. i love it but will continue to search more that has matching color for mother and daughter… kang dah beli, ada pulak yg lagi lawa kannn.

my mission now is to find a good tailor shop around shah alam.. anyone knows??

August 10, 2010

first tooth…

yes, aira starts teething at 7 months… first tooth lower incisor.


having her first tooth, i was her first victim… she bites!!! and when i carry her, my shoulder will be her target to relieve teething pressure. more teeth coming out soon coz nowadays, she likes to chew her fingers. meleleh la lepas ni..

and at this age, aira is able to play with her emotions ala ala berlakon gitu. when we smile, she’ll smile. when we make a serious face, she'll serious too. the best part when we angry (saje2 je buat muka angry), she’ll cry. bila nangis tu, airmata mencurah2 la tapi bila kita smile balik, dengan airmata yg tgh menitis tu, boleh pulak dia smile balik kat kita. such a playful lil' girl...


orang kata kalau gigi cepat tumbuh, lambat berjalan… betul ke?

ramadan tiba lagi… selamat berpuasa!!!