November 26, 2007

my graduation day 2007

event: uitm's 67th convocation (persidangan ke-25)

date: Nov 25, 2007

time: 8am - 1130am

venue: dewan seri budiman, uitm shah alam

note: finally... after 5 years of studying, i went on stage and graduate.... what a joy!!!

November 13, 2007

almost.... but syukur....

me and my forgetful mind, i almost burned the house yesterday but syukur sgt2.. my brother was at home to rescue. up to this morning, the house still smells like burning substance.

this was what happened yesterday. before going off to work, i decided to heat up the asam pedas i cooked a day before yesterday. i totally forgot to turn it off and left for work at 8am. i had breakfast with hubby and it still doesnt come to my mind. as i was reaching my office almost 9am, my memory triggered back to what i've done early morning. i reached my mobile while driving, called my brother, who was luckily at home still sleeping and asked him to rushed to the kitchen. he said that the whole house was filled with smoke when he went out from his room. the pot was burned but luckily it didnt explode. gosh!! being such a careless, i felt soooo guilty that i couldnt sleep well last night, kept thinking what if ..... ok i dont want to think about it.

as i reached home from work yesterday, i went straight to kitchen, saw the burning pot and said to myself this... "i'm not going to cook for a year!!!" boleh??!!!

whatever it is... i am sooooo grateful.

November 7, 2007

angiogram on my FIL

last friday i was on medical leave, down with high fever. not only that.. i was awaked with an early call from my MIL, requesting hubby to bring my FIL to hospital due to breathing problem. he was rushed to emergency room at university medical center for check-up and was admitted later for further monitoring. he's a diabetic and was detected with blood vessels blockage, which caused of heart problem.

on 6 nov, he went for angiogram - a procedure/surgery to improve blood flow to the heart by reconnecting the blood vessels supplying the heart by inserting a balloon-tipped tube through an artery in the arm. 3 cardiologists attended him on this procedure to help widen the narrowed artery by inflating the small balloon. alhamdulillah, the procedure went smooth, although it tooks almost 4 hours to finish. it was the same procedure done on my dad at IJN few months back, with only 1 blockage.

now, he is back home resting. get well soon baba!