July 13, 2010

abah’s little girl…

yes… this cheeky little girl will be 7 months tomorrow.

just last couple of months when i visited my dad, aira was having a fever and that was when my dad told me a secret (which i was told happened to me too when i was a baby...) that little girls will always look for their dads during happier times, when they are well and happy… and when they are sick, they will look up and clinging to their moms for comfort and mercy… :D

my experience with aira.. it’s sooooo true. she wants me most of the time for almost everything.. sleeping, feeding, bathing, cuddling etc..

aira, you are so abah’s little girl.. so when you grow up and you want something, go look for your abah ok… :D


abah.. aira nak red car. ala yang ada gambar kuda tu…

IMGP1903IMGP1907 IMGP1905

haaa abah… apa lagi.. layannnnnn….