December 30, 2009


my bundle of joy arrived on Dec 14, 2009. it was a great experience for me after 10 years and having the little one in my arm is much greater...


i was overdue 2 days from my EDD. i decided to have an induction on my EDD but on the morning of that day, my gynae done a checking and found it was still unfavourable, which mean the baby is still far away from the door. she advised i should wait till Dec 14. the next day, there was some 'show' but not contraction. i went back to the medical centre and it was only 1cm opening. so i went home resting.

on Dec 14, i was all prepared for the induction. i arrived at 0830am and was inserted the tablet at 10am. by 1pm, i began to feel the contraction coming at interval of 20 mins. it became stronger by 4pm. at 5pm, the opening was about 3cm and the pain was unbearable at 7 - 5 mins. when the opening was at 5cm, i was brought into the labour room. i was given a pain relief so i could rest and save my energy for the delivery. it made me really drowsy but i can still felt the pain.

when the time came, i thought i had pushed with all my energy and strength but i guess it was just not enough. i was ‘assisted’ and finally at 7.02pm, my little princess came into this world. yes.. it's a girl!!!


she is now 2 weeks old and i'm having fun 'berpantang' with the help from my MIL for a week and with my boys assisting me in everyway they can.. i have another 1 month to go.. huhuhu...