May 5, 2010


what has come over me??!!!.. i asked myself when this m.a.l.a.s feeling gushed my soul last monday.

i entered my office, slumped on my chair, switched on the computer and just stared in confusion. as time goes by, i was wondering… is it me or the time is slow… coz i saw the clock ticking sooo damn slow.

at 4.30pm, i smsed hubby.

me.. location?..

hubby.. at atria buying adli’s things for his school project tomorrow.. why?

me.. i nak balik.. bosan gaban dah ni…

hubby.. ok.. i’ll be right there..

at 4.45pm, he called. let’s go home..

i switched off the computer and went to my boss. sir, i’m making an early exitok… see you tomorrow..

the m.a.l.a.s-ness continued at home. i have to force myself to prepare dinner for hubby and kids.. after dinner, i just lepak depan tv and let hubby settle the dishes and layan the baby.. boleh..???!!! he is such a wonderful man.. (i usually don't do this…) as he is settled, he said to me.. if you continue like this, you’ll be ‘big’ coz you have ‘big’ genes run in your family you know… i knowww…!!!

dear m.a.l.a.s,

please go away… come back another day… but not in this near future ok.. i need to get rid 5 more kilos… thank you.


m.a.l.a.s victim