January 17, 2008

new added activity...

1s month of 2008 begins with a new added activity to my daily schedule. i signed up with a fitness center in december and went for the 2 free sessions with a trainer early this month. i wanted to tone up some part of my body and was shown few workouts that targeted the parts i wanted. like i said before, no pain... no gain.... so i gain the pain!! ouch... ouch...

end of the free session, i determine to workout plus attending the classes at least 3 times a week. so last night, i went with shadiah, my good friend since primary school, for the body combat class - a combination martial arts with kickboxing, taichi and karate. wow... all i can say it's fast and fierce. i really enjoyed the sweating... this morning, i'm feeling the muscle strain but not for long. im getting the endurance already. not bad eh!!

next friday, we are planning to join the yoga class, follow by another body combat class on the weekend. lets combat!!

January 2, 2008

trip to a'farmosa resort & happy 2-zero-zero-8...

happy and wonderful new year to everyone!!! may 2008 brings us good health and happiness...

i stayed home on the new year eve, watched tv but dozed off just before the clock striked to 12am but i was awaked with hubby's voice wishing happy new year to me. thank u dear! then i went to sleep. what a celebration eh??!!!

last friday, i went for a short holiday with my family to A'Farmosa Resort, Malacca. it was a 1st trip for us and we enjoyed it very much. while waiting for our room to be cleaned up at Beverly Hills Condotel, we went to the animal safari and was in time to watch 2 shows there - the wild wild west show (very comical act) and multi animal show (cute animals). it was very amusing!

after checking in, we went to the water world. the kids just love it there and were in the water for hours. later i joined them on the water slides twice. i must say it was fun and thrilling, sliding down into a pool. whoooshhh!!!

after dinner, we went to the cowboy town. we arrived after the cowboy show so we were there playing few games and left around 12 midnite.

the next day, we went to malacca town - took a beca ride, snapped few shots and shopped at Dataran Pahlawan.

truly an enjoyable and exciting holiday!!!