September 20, 2007

car breakdown... again...

twice my car's temp meter went straight up to the end, which makes me panic, fear and stress. panic because the car may burst with smoke while driving especially when there's traffic. fear because i'm driving alone and people may take advantage when they see a woman with car breakdown. stress because fear that it will happen again, and my eyes keep looking at the temp meter while driving.

the 1st time, was last tuesday where i was on my way to my office. luckily i was almost reaching my office area so i stopped awhile, called my brother for his advise. i drove less than 20km with hazard light on and managed to park in front of office. by afternoon, the temp has gone back to normal so i'm relieved but i urged the mechanic to come, however my brother came instead. well, this mechanic is actually his friend so most probably his friend must have asked my brother to see whats the problem with the car. fine! my brother tested driving the car around and found nothing wrong with the temp. so he said must be the meter giving problem as the radiator fan works as normal. ok! so yesterday, seems to be no problem with the meter.

2nd time was this morning, again i was on my office to office, as i reached the new flyover going to LDP through the FTZ route, the temp went up. i stopped, hazard light on, engine off and called the mechanic. followed his instruction but still the meter temp was high. i got frusted coz the mechanic insisted it was the meter problem. feeling unsatisfied, i called the LDP patrol. they cant help as it was out of LDP route but they told me most probably there's leaking with the radiator. well, i get more frustrated. i'm surprised that no one stopped to assist, which i felt relieved as well. everyone must be rushing for work. i waited for half hour, then started the engine. i was really relieved that the temp meter went back to normal. i drove slowly and alhamdulillah i reached office safe and sound.

my biggest fear now is will it happen again on my way home after work. i pray it will not.

September 14, 2007

1st day of ramadan

sir, may i leave the office at 4pm during the ramadan month?


thank you sir..

sir, may i take one week leave for raya?

sure.. i'll be in the office. only that u need to assist me on the preparation of certain documents before you leave..

ok... i will prepare and pass it to you later. thank you sir..

see... 1 month before raya lagi i dah tanya my boss.. boleh??!!! well, there's a reason. there's only 3 of us in the office and i'm the only lady there. (oh what a privilege..) if i dont ask earlier, and he has made plans beforehand, then i wont be able to go holiday.

1st day of ramadan was great. hubby was off day so we went from sect 10 to sect 8 to sect 6 for jalan-jalan cari makan. what extremely surprised was we were charged a bomb for some lauk.. cekik darah giler org2 jual juadah lauk ni. tension tul. nasib baik la puasa. kalau tak sure dah meletup mak kat situ jugak. ok takpe. ni kira sedekah la ye..

hari ni i'll be checking out few gerai lagi. nak masak tak sempat... hehe.. (ke malas??!!!)

September 12, 2007

a day before ramadan..

since tomorrow starts the ramadan, i decided to have breakfast with hubby for the last round at his usual place in subang jaya, opposite carrefour. surprisingly, table were all taken. ni sure kes last kopek before puasa starts (look who's talking..)

after work, we went to sunway to get few things then met my sister and her hubby at sempoii for dinner. besok pagi nak sahur kan, so malam ni kita makan banyak sikit. siap la order segalanya from tomyam, kerabu mangga to steam fish and 2 big mug of blended ice lemon tea. ni kira makan tak ingat orang lain dah.

i manage to sleep early at 10pm..(is that considered early??)

selamat menyambut ramadan dan selamat berpuasa...

September 10, 2007

lilo... u'll be missed

lilo (adam's pet) drowned and died early this morning. it was unfortunate morning for lilo when she managed to escape and drowned. how'd this happen?

i wish i knew how ...
it came out of the cage;
get on to the floor from top of the table;
and went into a jar of water.

lilo, we will miss ...
watching u running up and down the cage;
watching u exercising on the wheel;
watching u biting the cage metal;
watching u playing with ur babies;
and everything about u...