January 29, 2009

i need a new camera...

the camera i've been using all this while was taken/borrowed/confiscated (ganas sikit term ni.. :D) and i dont know when i'll be able to use it again or maybe wont be using it again at all... oh tidakkkk!!! menci la...

ok.. so now i need to get a new camera. i favour for sony cyber-shot but... apsal harga dia mahal na...

hmm.. which one should i get??
sony or canon??
within my budget (less than rm500)

kat mana ada sales??

January 28, 2009

first time mother...

being a first time mother can be very exciting, especially when preparing and waiting for the little bundle of joy to arrive. i am sure when you are in your first trimester, you have already starting to list down all possible stuff for your baby - from the clothing, day-to-day necessities to baby-day outing.

of course, buying baby items is not always easy, especially for those who is expecting their first baby. some parents-to-be can be a little choosy or picky - they already have in mind of particular brand they want, when comes in choosing the baby clothes, the car seats, strollers, safety stuff for home and even for your baby's fun and learning time.

so before you buy those babies items, lets check this out, where you can find the best buying guide for your baby. it is fun to get the latest for your babies and even your toddlers.

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bye-bye rico...

i was attending a seminar last sunday morning, when adli sms me telling rico was dying - he was lying all the time, could not bring himself up and made weird sounds.

we didnt know the cause of death. he was active as usual when we were cleaning his cage couple of days before. only that he lost weight in less than a month but was in good appetite though.

after 2 years with us, rico - our hamster, died last sunday night, leaving cute memories for my kids.

dear hubby kata lepas ni jangan bela binatang lagi... bela orang je. ceh...

January 21, 2009

shopaholic series...

i've read them all... all the 5 installment shopaholic series in less than a month. here's what i can say...

confession of shopaholic - becky is truly superduper biggest shopaholic of all time.. what can i say more...

shopaholic takes manhattan - her debts and compulsive shopping flashed in a paper!! how worst can her life be, and the reputation of her millionaire boyfriend??

shopaholic ties the knot - have you ever thought having 2 weddings on a same day?!!

shopaholic and sister - this one is kind of emotional for me. becky trying her best to be greatest sister to her long-lost sister - who hates her. how sad is that??

shopaholic and baby - oooo that.. that.. cruella de venetia.. "she's a red-hair bitch and i hate her"... ok.. ok.. i'm a bit dramatic with this one - which makes me keep on reading it till the end.

but what hilarious about becky is the fact that apart being obessed with shopping and her messy life, she's pretty genius in solving problems she created herself with her briliant ideas, which eventually saved the day. interesting i must say..

currently, i'm reading this "can you keep a secret?"...

happy reading y'all!!!

January 19, 2009

best vocal - AJL 23

what can i say. last night was, so far, the best AJL-23 i can remember. the performances were spectacular except for one or two. anyway, faizal tahir deserved the award for best vocal.. no doubt man...

Faizal Tahir - Sampai Syurga MTV

Sampai Syurga

Ku membenarkan jiwaku
Untuk mencintaimu
Ku persembahkan hidupku
Untuk bersama kamu

Dan diriku untuk kamu
Belum pernah kumerasai begitu

Semua itu telah berlalu
Harapanku palsu
Dan mungkin hari yang satu
Terus ku tertunggu

Di hatiku masih kamu
Belum pernah ku ingin terus memburu

Aku lemah tanpa kamu
Ku inginmu dampingi ku
Aku fahami aku bukan terbaik
Untuk dirimu

Sampai syurga ku menunggu
Sampai syurga ku cinta mu
Hanya satu
Hanya kamu

Ku membiarkan hatiku
Untuk merinduimu
Ku menghamparkan sakitku
Untuk tatapan kamu

Bersamamu harapanku
Hilang dalam terang yang membutakanku

Dan segala yang ku ada
Ku berikan semua
Untuk dirimu saja

Ku mahu dirimu
Bahagia untuk selamanya
Biar sampai syurga
Aku menunggu cinta darimu
Agar ku sempurna

Namun aku tetap aku
Yang terbaik untuk diriku
Hanya satu

Aku lemah tanpa kamu
Ku inginmu dampingi ku
Aku fahami aku bukan terbaik
Untuk dirimu

Sampai syurga ku menunggu
Sampai syurga ku cintamu
Hanya kamu

January 13, 2009

shopaholic chick-lit..

most of my nights, i hit the sack, feeling tired after dealing with the chores, in which certainly helps me fall right into dreamland. but recently, i found sleeping bliss.

last month, i was browsing through mph online store and saw discounts for online shoppers. then i saw discounts on one of shopaholic series and bought it online. when it arrived, i was so happy but i told myself i cannot read this. i should read it series by series and the one i bought was the last series. i wonder why they're not giving discounts for the earliest series, i would have bought them. then, i remembered shadiah has the whole series of shopaholic, so i borrowed them all. i know most of you all have read it.. i ni ketinggalan la sikit.

i have finished 2 series and another 4 to go... once i start, i just cant stop reading it...

i read it every night before bedtime and that's how i started having blissful sleep - calm and relaxing. those who has insomnia - reading is definitely one of the steps to overcome your problem ya. so grab your fav books or mags...

i enjoy reading the shopaholic series very much. it's interesting to see how compulsive shopping can become an habit to one. i'm not a shopaholic although i may see myself as one only if i'm wealthy coz in reality i'm not. years ago, before getting into married life, i was in debt when i splurged up to the limit on every credit card i had that time - 5 credit cards!! melampau kannn. i was young and naive then and i didnt think much how destructive splurging can be. anyway, it was part of lesson in my life way back and grateful that i was able to pay off. so i dont hold any credit cards anymore. (though i do have the desire to have one..)

every time i go for shopping, i'll have my shopping list. i'll check out on the prices, think hard - necessity or necessary...

January 6, 2009

new year celebration...

every year when comes to new year eve, we strictly refrain ourselves from going into KL city. i'm sure everyone knows why. however... the temptation of staying a night there and get to watch the firework live from KLCC was indeed not easy to resist.

when shadiah called us on the evening of the new year eve, inviting us to stay a night and celebrate the new year with her family at PNB darby park, we were contemplating, to accept or decline, since it was already in the evening and we doubt there'll be traffic congestion along the way to the city.

well, after 1/2 hour of deliberation (me and dear hubby la..), we packed our stuff and off we went into the heart of KL. as expected, we were stucked in a slow moving traffic, turned out it was just an after-office-hour traffic. no traffic jam after the midvalley junction and surprising smoothly flowing traffic at jln tun razak as well. i find it weird actually.

anyway, when we reached the hotel, the parking basement was full so we had to park along the road side next to the hotel. we thought it was ok for only a night but got summons ticket the next morning. ceh... public holiday pun kerja jugak orang DBKL ni ek...

firework from KLCC, taken from the hotel balcony...

a luxury and spacious suite with 2-bedroom, a living and dining room and a kitchen too...

the kids were having breakfast before heading to the swimming pool...

when we checked out at noon, the lobby was crowded. most of the guests were also checking out...

as for the summons ticket, dear hubby is going to DBKL hq this thursday to appeal and pay, if not RM100 melayang... agak2 lepas dah appeal, berapa kena charge eh???...