October 31, 2007

hubby's surprise birthday dinner.. featuring noryn aziz.

after all presents were given to hubby at home, we went for a dinner in pj. it was actually a surprise dinner for him, where i requested my sister tini to invite noryn aziz - the jazz singer - who is also tini's good friend since school, to join us for the dinner. although we have met noryn few times but i know hubby would be teruja (i like this word) with special appearance of her.

it was a long great and fun night for all of us which ended with karaoke at 3am. i cant believe i could actually stayed up till that hour. occasion yang penting kena la tahan kan.. this morning, i had a tough time waking up for work and my kids didnt go to school. satu hari je ok kids!! first thing when i reached office was making myself a nice hot black coffee to keep me awake till 5pm.

it's 5 now and i'm heading home .... enjoy the photos...

October 30, 2007

hari usahawan at sks9...

hubby and i went to adam & adli's school, where the school held hari usahawan (entrepreneur day) last saturday (oct 27). there were lots of activities which mainly for the school children to enjoy and the parents to watch and shop a lil'. they went on pony ride, haunted house, paint ball, shoot the duck game and pizza eating contest.

later in the afternoon, we went for lunch and shopping at subang parade. bought for kids and hubby for his birthday - which is today. happy birthday darling!

October 24, 2007

aidilfitri 2007...

i had a wonderful aidilfitri with my family, feeling very green this year.

my dad looks much happier, celebrating raya with his new companion, his children and grandchildren. my brothers and sister were all gathered at home on the 1st night of raya, except for my youngest brother, who has gone out with his friends.

on the 3rd raya, my dad went up north for few days, visiting his siblings and relatives. he gained some weight when he came back. while i spent my raya holidays with hubby and the kids. we went places, from visiting relatives to shopping malls and theme park...

on the 4th raya, my niece, adib jasmine met an accident while in the car with her grandparents (my sis PIL). syukur it was a very minor one and they are fine. adib had scratches on her nose and now recovering very fast.

i'm still in hari raya mood... there are rooms for food in my tummy.. so looking forward for raya open house... :D enjoy!!

October 11, 2007

salam aidilfitri...

while most muslims must have either on Raya holiday or gone back to their hometown, i will still be going to office till this friday. my boss is currently away, no one in the office to replace me so i have to come to work, handling paperworks and communicating with overseas clients for everyday issues plus leaving a list of notes for my boss to assist me while i'll be on holiday next week for the whole week. yes.. one whole week but i bet i'll be receiving calls from my office. sigh!

raya holidays for school starts today, so my sons are at home with their atuk mad and uwan. adam called telling me that atuk mad and uwan just got back from mydin, with loads of things, which i bet must be cooking items. i felt guilty, unable to be at home helping them but what to do... since i have to work till friday, i managed to do some house cleaning after work, partially for the past one week, so by tomorrow the house should be spick and span.. i hope. my kids are very helpful. i know i can count on them. so adam and adli... please help mama mop up the staircase ok.. thank you dear... (mama will treat you with ice-cream.. agreed??!!)

this year, i'll be celebrating raya in shah alam. nothing is planned on how i'll be spending my holiday though but i'm sure it's gonna be a good one...

To everyone, i wish...

October 10, 2007

another malaysian history...

last night saw the first malaysian angkasawan, dr sheikh muszaphar shukor, experiencing the ride of his life, orbiting into the space. as the tv was showing the soyuz tma-11 blasting off from the launching area in baikonur, kazakhstan, i was clapping like a kid. of course, the whole nation is proud of him, being the first malaysian to go into the space.

More on our angkasawan.. here and here

dr sheikh muszaphar

lifting off into the space