April 23, 2011

stroll down memory lane…

last weekend i couldnt join my cycling buddies, sha & zura for the new shah alam loop. it was their first shah alam loop so i asked them how was the kayuh. they commented in their FB…

zura : Ina, very challenging but VERY interesting!! Must do it again ye

sha : Ina, remember pasola time wen we used to b ontop of shah alam wt sardine roll in ur hand? Tats bukit menteri aka bkt sewel... So u judge la... It was a gd ride down tat memorylane..... But my reconnecting moments wt d yesteryrs was shortlifted...DAMN.....!!!

and the comment went on and on…

the memories of us riding on kae’s passola during our childhood time… the time i used to make sardine rolls, with the help of my beloved arwah mummy… (i really missed you mummy… al-fatihah), and shared with them… it was one greatest ole time i will never forget…

yesterday, as i was driving home and reminiscing those moments, i said to myself… i wanna make sardine rolls!!! so when i reached home, i just couldnt let go that memories and went straight to the kitchen… start making it… in my office wear still… sampai begitu sekali… !!!!

since few of my dear frens are asking for the recipe, here it is… credit to Liz for the recipe of sardine roll… coz i really do not have proper measurement for my sardine rolls…


For the pastry
* 250g butter
* 500g plain flour
* a pinch of salt
* cold water

Use rubbing (your hands) in method to mix flour and butter until they become like bread crumbs. Add in salt and pour in cold water and knead into dough.
Wrap in plastic bag & put inside the fridge while working on the filling.

For the filling
* 1 can of sardine
* chopped onions
* chopped chilli
* a squeeze of lemon
* a pinch of salt

Mash sardine. Add in the rest.
Roll out the dough thinly. Cut into rectangles. Put in the filling and roll. Do little cuts on the rolls before brushing egg yold on top.
Bake for 40 mins, 175C.

happy rolling…