July 24, 2007


Around 5.45pm yesterday, my car breakdown just as I was about to reach the Shah Alam's route. First, I saw the engine light indicator was on, then followed by the oil and battery indicator. Luckily I was on the left lane, so I switched on the hazard light and slowly moved to the emergency lane and turned off the engine. I wasnt panic but worried that some cars will miss and bang my car from behind. Called my dad, my brother and my hubby asking to be rescued.

While waiting for my dad, my mind was trying to decide whether to stay in the car or to stand beside the car. Lets do both. 3 mins I was in the car, 3 mins later I was standing beside the car. That went on and on, not sure how long I was doing that, probably 30 minutes till my dad arrived with my brother. I told them what happened, then my brother called his mechanic friend. Tow truck came, straight to a workshop in Batu 3, Shah Alam.

My brother took care of the car while I went to fetch my kids at school with a help from my dad. 30 mins later my brother called, telling me the sensor was spoilt. What or which sensor I dont know but I assumed engine sensor la kot coz it's related with engine. Make sense eh??!! Ok, the car can only be repaired the next day, so how am I going to work tomorrow??!!!

Called hubby, discussed, called my sister, discussed. Conclusion... my sister was really kind to let me use her car, meaning after sending Adam to school, I have to fetch her at Kelana Jaya, send her to Sunway, then back to Kelana Jaya - that's where my office is. See.. how wonderful my morning driving routing was. Keluar kereta je, lutut dah lembik. Mana tak.. traffic from Batu 3 up to Western Digital tu... Stress stress...

Ok.. my car is ready. My brother will help to fetch the kids from school while I will be heading Sunway after work to fetch my sister before heading Shah Alam.

Berhati-hati di jalan raya, memandu dengan selamat dan berdoa agar jangan ada kerosakan kereta lagi. Selamat memandu!!!!

July 17, 2007

my dad's friend....

few days ago, my dad told me that he wanted to cook spaghetty on sunday for lunch and would like all his children to come - it's like a weekend family gathering. of course, the word spaghetty is so irresistible. however, 2 of my brothers could not come.

so last sunday, my dad told me that a friend will be joining us. i asked him who? he answered ada la kawan. aha! around 1-ish, a lady came and was warmly greeted by my dad.

in fact, i started to notice differences with my dad when:

  • he, almost every weekend is not at home.
  • he, occasionally go out for probably teh tarik after dinner.
  • he, has been busy receiving and smsing almost every hour. (ok.. he did showed me one or two on his mobile. i was like really!!!???)

back to last sunday, right after lunch, my sister who is a straight-to-the-point kind of person began her interview with the lady, whom we called aunt jam (pronounce as jem). she seems nice, friendly and sincere. she told us her background (53 yrs, divorce, working etc), and how she met my dad. at the end of conversation, my dad told us errrr... mmmm... hmmm... (he said it's a secret)

will be revealed at a later date!!

July 16, 2007


Hubby's grandmother in Singapore passed away at age of 96, on the morning of 14 July 2007.

Semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat ke atas rohnya.

~ Al-Fatihah ~

July 11, 2007

However ...

It took me more than a month to start blogging again. Right after I announced to my office that I finally got my final result and finally completed my study, I was handed a new-added responsibilities, which also mean revising my package.

Isn't that wonderful!!!